TransAm 2018 Day 3 - June 4th

Today was a perfect weather day and the scenery just kept getting better.  114 miles was the plan for today in order to get to McKenzie Bridge, the last stop before climbing over McKenzie pass (a major climb, at least for me).  The overall ride was uphill but the elevation only climbed slowly so it never really seemed like to was uphill most of the time.  Riding next to the river helped keep the day interesting.  

Nothing major happened today.  Just an awesome ride through interior Oregon ending at a totally empty campground next to the river.  I think the most exciting thing was the deer head toilet paper holder.  Looking over at it and not expecting it was a treat!  I also saw a few old classic cars at the small gas station I stopped at for lunch.

I knew that there was a store about 2 miles past the campground, so I rode up to it to stock up for the night (water/food).  The rode back to the camp ground to setup.  I still was not really used to daylight lasting until well after 9pm so I was camped by 7pm or so.  But I also knew I'd be climbing McKenzie pass in the morning!