TransAm 2018 Day 7 - June 8th

87 miles and 4600 ft of climbing over THREE passes, each 5000+ above sea-level today to get to Baker City where I planned to get a room, do laundry and restock.  It was the last day of good weather I'd see for a while.  It was also the last pain-free ride I'd get to enjoy.

I knew the day would start with a big climb because I'd planned it that way.  Having good data and maps was definitely a plus.  The goal today was to get through the three climbs and 'coast' into Baker City, OR.  Near the summit of the first climb was a large historical site.  These were every few miles but usually they only consisted of sign or plaque. This however was a full size wagon with tons of historical information.  

After the first summit, there was a cafe where I stopped for water.  I discovered they had a full restaurant so I ordered breakfast and enjoyed it immensely.  While ordering, the lady asked me about where I had camped the night before.  When I told her, she said Bob and pre-paid for a cobbler for me to enjoy (and I did!) She wanted to take a picture of me and my bike before I left.

The rest of the ride was good.  Saw a lot of open country and nice scenery. The small train engine was seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  The rest of the way to Baker City was uneventful.  Once in town, I found an inexpensive room and a hotel that had laundry facilities.  Once checked in, I washed/dried everything and ate half a pizza.  I saved some for tomorrow's breakfast and wrapped the rest to pack for the ride.