TransAm 2018 Day 5 - June 6th

86.5 miles from Sisters, OR to Mitchell, OR with about 3800 ft of climbing.  Great ride with a long climb near to 60-70 mile mark, then coast down into town.  This seemed to be the pattern for several of the days, so I planned the ride to match the terrain, trying to keep the bigger climbs early in the day.

The scenery, while still awesome, began to change as I entered what they called the 'high desert'. I looked like some of the backdrops in the old black and white westerns on TV.  I wish now I had taken more pictures, but I kept stopping to take them and I needed to keep moving.  

I did make it over another 4700+ ft summit (Ocholo Pass) before late afternoon so I felt good about the ride today.  I really wanted to get to the hostel because I'd heard so much about it and I was not disappointed. I was welcomed by several people standing in the road ringing cowbells and banging pans!  It was cool to say the least. The a hot shower, warm bed, laundry, and a hot meal of pasta, rice, and beans! 

I tend not to stop once I start riding (not for more than 5 minutes at a time) so I arrived at the hostile relatively early compared to the other riders that would come in later that evening.  I was asleep when the most of the others came it, but I got up and helped welcome Nishanth, Don, and Paul(?).  Paul(?) was also a teacher.  He teaches high school in Ohio and was riding from Oregon back home.  There was another rider who came in as well but I didn't get to meet her.

When I woke in the morning, the bunk beds were full where other riders had arrived during the night and the room was full of snoring bikers!  That goodness I had earplugs.  I never heard them (although I probably added to it before I woke up).  I tended to be on the road by 8am but the others tended to start much later, so I rode off alone towards Prairie City, OR where my next stop awaited.