TransAm 2018 Day 1 - June 2nd

There were well over 100 other riders in Astoria, OR getting ready to ride 4200 miles across the US.  Each person was doing it for their own reasons.  Some for charities, some for fun, some were running from the darkness in their life, some were chasing excitement. I was doing it for several reasons. Mostly to see if I can and to try to raise money for chromebooks.

Here is a video someone made of all of us leaving Astoria together.  Everyone rides at a different pace so once we left the small city, the rides began to spread out quickly.

Today was great.  The weather was perfect and the scenery along the Oregon coast is beautiful to say the least.  My goal today was to ride 85 miles to Cape Lookout Campground.  The route was hilly and some of the climbs were tough with a loaded bike.  At the top of one of the climbs I topped and dumped about 10 pounds of items I determined I would never really need. And luckily I never regretted ditching anything.  I did, however, learn the hard way to carry extra water.  On one of the longer climbs I ran out of water and a nice family at the top gave me two bottle of water.

 I was so excited to finally be riding after 3 days in town waiting and so busy enjoying the scenery that I didn't think to eat an actual meal until 78 miles into the ride in Netarts.  I stopped and had a humongous hamburger and fries.  This was around 3:30pm my time, so I was doing better than I had planned.  I was also experiencing muscle cramps in my legs.  Luckily today would be the only time that happened.   

After leaving the grill and filling up on food and water, I rode the last few miles to the campground.  I could have ridden farther, but I knew that immediately past the campground was a 2000 ft climb and I felt it best to save that for bright and early the next morning.

When I did arrive at the coupground, which was right on the ocean, there was only one other biker there.  I picked a nice quiet spot and setup my tent.  Except for the squirrel who INSISTED that he needed to inspect my bike for loose food, the campsite was secluded and private.

I rode over to the camp showers, cleaned up, and rode back to camp. Then, with plenty of daylight left, I walked the 20 or so yards to the beach and just say enjoying the sunshine and breaking waves for a long time.