My only 'off day'

Yesterday was my last day at school.  I have to admit I shed a few tears. I taught these students for 2 years and now they move on to high school. I will miss ever single one if them a lot but I know I did my best to prepare them for next year.  My students did not make saying good easy.


  Tomorrow I will make a new video detailing my bike and gear for the big ride.  I'll talk about my goals, plans, etc.  I'll get the bike and gear ready and make last minute adjustments.  

Tuesday I will be at the bike shop getting help packing bike for travel.  I'll head out to Oregon early Wednesday morning, arriving in Portland around noon.  From there, an awesome local couple has volunteered to help some of us get from the airport to Astoria, even giving us a place to sleep that night. 

Once I get to Astoria on Thursday, the adventure really begins.  After bike inspection and check-in, there will be nothing to do but mentally prep for the race start Saturday morning. 

Here's to hoping this is the only bear I see on this ride!